Where is the future leader of the world superpower?

Chinese Vice President Xi Jinping has been missing since September 1.  This is the photo of the same day.

Chinese Vice President Xi Jinping has been missing since September 1. This is the photo of the same day.

The world’s second-largest economy and emerging superpower is on the brink of a change in leadership, but the man who could have been crowned leader of the Communist Party of China has suddenly disappeared, and no one knows why.

Is Xi Jinping sick? Has he had a heart attack? Has he had back pain while he was playing soccer or swimming? Is he preparing for the day next month when he will be replaced by Hu Jintao as head of the Communist Party of China? Or is it a dangerous conspiracy for the struggle for power?

All these possibilities are expressed in China’s social networks.

It is also said that he was injured in a car accident that occurred as part of a conspiracy against him. But this seems far-fetched.

But no one knows the truth because the Chinese government is silent on this issue and it is a source of fear for many people.

Speculations, rumors and concerns

When the leaders of the Communist Party disappear, it is speculated that they are in trouble. There is no indication that the same has happened this time, but in the absence of an official statement, the rumor market is hot.

China’s leaders are often silent. No prior information is available about their visits, and sometimes these leaders do not appear in public places for several days.


Xi Jinping (center) with President Hu Jintao (right) and Premier Wen Jiabao (left) on May 4, 2012

But Xi is the vice president of China and also the successor to Hu Jintao. And they are canceling their meetings with foreign leaders.

He was last seen on September 1. Last Wednesday, he canceled a meeting with Hillary Clinton at the last minute. US officials believe that she has back pain.

The next day, that is, Thursday, Xi also canceled the meeting with the Danish prime minister. He was supposed to meet the prime minister on Monday. Danish officials do not know why this happened.

According to the Reuters news agency, “a close member of the Chinese leadership has said that Xi suffered a back injury while swimming.” There is no mention of how or when the injury occurred in the news. According to another source, Xi is not feeling well, but it is not a major illness.

‘nothing to say’

But given China’s economic and political importance, this uncertainty is a problem. And if Xi is to lead China for the next ten years, his health should be a concern for the Communist Party, China and the world.

Under Hu Jintao’s leadership, China has changed in unprecedented ways in the past ten years. But what hasn’t changed is the mysterious situation behind the leaders there.

Information about your health, personal life and family is not made public, but in the new times it is becoming difficult to hide it.

China’s foreign ministry cannot say this time where Xi is or why he has not been publicly carrying out his official responsibilities for so many days. When she was repeatedly asked, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Hong Li said, “I have responded to reporters’ questions about this several times. I have nothing else to say. ,

This whole affair has added another new uncertainty to the change of leadership in China. The issue of leadership change was already complicated by the Bo Xilai scandal, as Bo Xilai was previously said to be the new leader.

So until Xi comes out publicly, uncertainty will remain.

But in a country that is economically important to the world and where people are connected to the Internet, the game of hide-and-seek will not last long.

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