Whether Pakistan will host Aisa Cup or not, ACC will decide at tomorrow’s meeting

The Asian Cricket Council has arranged a major meeting on Saturday 4 February to hand over the Asian Cup venue to Pakistan. At this council meeting, it will be decided whether the organization of the Asian Cup will remain with Pakistan or not.

Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) chief Najam Sethi has called an emergency meeting of the Asian Cricket Council (ACC) on Saturday, February 4. In this meeting which will be held in Bahrain, it will be decided whether Pakistan will host the Asia Cup 2023 or not.

According to an ANI source, the newly elected head of the Pakistan Cricket Board, Najam Sethi, wants to hold an urgent meeting with the head and members of the Asian Cricket Council. He expressed his desire to hold a meeting with ACC members during the ILT 20 opening ceremony in Dubai. However, now this meeting will not take place in Dubai but in Bahrain. It is believed that this meeting will decide whether the 2023 Asian Cup will be held in Pakistan or moved elsewhere.

It should be noted that Asian Cricket Council Chairman and BCCI Secretary Jai Shah has clearly stated that the 2023 Asian Cup will not take place in Pakistan. He said that it should be organized in a neutral place. He said that for the Asian Cup matches between Pakistan and India, the game should be hosted in the United Arab Emirates or any other neutral venue. We inform that last year the Asian Cup was organized in the United Arab Emirates. There is a possibility that the UAE may redeliver your accommodation. If this happens, it will be nothing less than a huge blow to Pakistan.

On the one hand, the sword of losing the host hangs over Pakistan, which is going through a financial crisis. On the other hand, Qatar has also expressed interest in hosting the Asian Cup. Qatar has offered to host the tournament amid political tensions between neighboring countries. Qatar has also hosted some franchise-based cricket leagues and tournament cricket in the past.

All eyes will be on the meeting.
We inform that everyone’s eyes will be on the meeting to be held on Saturday, February 4. Only after this meeting will it be decided whether the venue for the 2023 Asian Cup will remain in the hands of Pakistan or be handed over to any other country.

PCB will do everything possible
There are many difficulties in front of the PCB to keep hosting the Asia Cup 2023. However, despite these difficulties, PCB Chairman Najam Sethi will leave no stone unturned to ensure that he retains the hosting rights. The Asian Cricket Council (ACC) will hold an emergency meeting in Bahrain on February 4 to discuss hosting the 2023 Asian Cup following a request from Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) Chairman Najam Sethi.

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