Which is better in Honda’s Dio and Hero’s Maestro Edge 110 BS6 know the features and price. Who is better in Honda’s Dio and Hero’s Maestro Edge 110 BS6

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Photo: HERO AND HONDA Which is better between Honda Dio and Hero Maestro?

Dio from Honda and Maestro Edge 110 BS6 from Hero: For a long time, Hero Honda was considered as a single company in India. In 1984 Hero and Honda joined forces and became very successful in the Indian car market. But after the 2011 split, the big car company, which used to work together for 26 years, has now become a competitor against each other. Now, whether it is a motorcycle or a scooter, the competition between Hero and Honda is visible in both. Speaking of scooty, what is similar and what is different between honda dio and hero maestro edge 110, which scooty can be better for the streets, let us know

torque and power

Hero Maestro Edge 110 makes 8bhp at 7250rpm while Honda Dio makes 7.65bhp at 8000rpm. But in terms of torque, Honda is ahead, Honda Dio gets a torque of 9Nm at 4750rpm while Hero Maestro makes a torque of 8.7Nm at 5750rpm. As for displacement, the Hero Maestro Edge stands at 110 cc, while the Honda Dio comes with a 109.51 cc engine.

Mileage and tank capacity

Maestro Edge has 5L fuel tank and 1.25L reserve tank while Honda Dio has 5.3L main tank and 1.3L reserve tank. Also in terms of mileage , Honda Dio looks better than Hero Maestro Edge as Honda Dio mileage is 48 kmpl while Hero Maestro Edge claims only 40 kmpl.

top speed and brakes

The top speed of the Hero Maestro Edge can reach 80 km/h, while the Honda Dio can reach a slightly higher speed of 83 km/h. Speaking of braking, both have drum brakes. While the Hero Maestro has IBS brakes, the Honda Dio has CBS brakes. Both braking systems are similar in that applying one brake also affects the other brake.

What’s the price

The ZX battery variant of the Hero Maestro Edge 110 is priced at Rs 70,899 (ex-showroom), while the standard Hero Dio is priced at Rs 71,502 (ex-showroom). On the other hand, if you take the deluxe sport edition of the top model of Hero Dio, you can get it for Rs 78,602 (ex-showroom), though it also has drum brakes, but the top model of Hero Maestro Edge 110 with disc brakes costs Rs 76 143. It can be found with an ex-showroom price of Rs.

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