White object seen in the sky of Hyderabad, when it landed in the village, people thought it was an alien spaceship, they know the whole thing

An incident that occurred in the sky over Hyderabad on Wednesday left people in shock. The people saw a white object in the sky. People began to record videos, taking pictures considering that it was a UFO, that is, an unidentified flying object. The photos were shared on social media and went viral. By the time people came to know the truth of this item, it was already too late. Most people mistook it for an alien ship. When this object landed in a village far from the city, the people raised an uproar. They thought an alien ship had arrived.

The object seen in the sky reportedly landed in the Mogiligidda village of Marpalli mandal of Vikarabad district, about 100 km from the city, causing concern among locals. The townspeople had not seen anything like this to date. People reportedly raised an uproar regarding the object as a UFO. They thought that an alien would come out of this round saucer.

The farmers were calling that round thing from outside. She tried to examine the object by pushing it. The object was later revealed to be a research helium balloon sent for atmospheric studies. This was confirmed by Raghunandan Kumar, director of the Planetary Society of India, so the villagers were convinced. According to Raghunandan Kumar, it was a helium balloon. It was a space capsule, which was designed in Spain. It was built to carry 8 people into space.

This experiment was carried out by the Tata Institute for Fundamental Research, but people were not aware of it. When the capsule landed in the town, there was an uproar. People didn’t know what was happening. While landing in the village, the capsule was assisted by a parachute, further catching the villagers by surprise. The capsule was removed from the village with the help of the local administration and the police.



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