Whose job is in danger and who is safe from ‘GPT Chat’? OpenAI himself said this, know about yourself


Technological news desk – After Chat GPT hit the market, the question began to arise in everyone’s mind: many jobs can be lost because of this. Especially for writers and content writers, it was strongly said that their jobs could be in jeopardy. Meanwhile, the parent company of Chat GPT, Open AI, has shared a report in which the company itself has said that whose jobs may be at risk due to Artificial Intelligence in the coming times. Open Research and the University of Pennsylvania have published a report detailing which people may lose their jobs due to AI and which jobs are safe.

work of these people in danger
tax preparers
Financial Quantitative Analysts
Writers and Authors
Web and digital interface designers
court reporters
Simultaneous subtitles
copy bookmarks
news analysts
administrative assistants

The work of these people is safe.
Farm Equipment Operators
Sports Athletes and Competitors
cement masons
cafeteria attendants
Electrical line installers and repairers
Meat, Poultry and Fish Slicers and Trimmers
Slaughterhouses and Meat Packers

On the other hand, in an interview, Sam Altman himself, CEO of Open AI, said that he is concerned that many people may lose their jobs in the future due to AI. He though he said that it will take some time, but if this change happens fast, then there may be problems. Apart from this, Sam Altman also said that the way people have embraced new technologies in recent times is amazing in itself. Human creativity is limitless. We should all see Chat GPT as a tool and not a replacement.

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