Why aren’t aliens ‘phoning’ Earth? Scientists came to this conclusion.

For years, scientists around the world have wondered when aliens will contact us. A team of researchers believe that perhaps aliens are waiting for the right moment to contact us. So when will that right time come? A team of researchers has also tried to estimate this. It has a direct connection with exoplanets, that is, those planets that revolve around suns other than our sun.

In the new study, the researchers studied the technical signals of ET (extraterrestrials), that is, extraterrestrials. Scientists believe that there may be an exact time when exoplanets pass right in front of their sun and the best time from Earth’s perspective. At that time, signals from the aliens can be sent to the earthlings.

The head of the study, Sophia Sheikh, said that the passage of the exoplanet in front of its sun is a predicted time. During this, the aliens may think about sending messages. Earthlings can also try to receive the signals. According to the Live Science report, this study may help scientists where to see them in such a vast space. Scientists have generally believed that life can exist on any of those planets with respect to exoplanets.

The study was published on the preprint site arXiv on December 9. However, no such evidence was found in the study that aliens have tried to contact us. Under the study, the researchers discovered more than a dozen planets, which are very far from Earth. In the future, these planets will be probed with the help of the telescope.

Since the invention of radio technology, our scientists have transmitted signals beyond the ground many times, hoping to get a response. Researchers are also continuing to investigate our galaxy. However, not once has he been able to have direct contact with aliens. The study by Sophia Shaikh and her colleagues is important because it can help our scientists zero in on where aliens are present.

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