Why did rainwater fill Beijing?

Many people wonder why Beijing's drainage system couldn't cope with the rain.

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Many people wonder why Beijing’s drainage system couldn’t cope with the rain.

In Beijing, the capital of China, there has been a lot of loss of life and property due to rain and flooding. It is said that this is the most intense rain in the last sixty years.

So far, 37 people have died in this and thousands of Beijing residents have had to leave their homes and go to safer places.

There are natural reasons for these conditions in Beijing, but is there any other reason for this?

Chinese newspapers have also commented on these reasons.

from shanghai chinese business news has blamed Beijing’s drainage system for the situation. The newspaper has especially criticized the fact that the underpasses built on the main roads of the city are submerged in water.

where the place beijing news The newspaper says the city’s water authority has admitted deficiencies in its infrastructure. But experts say upgrading the capital’s flood protection systems will take time.

With reference to the Beijing Municipality china diary says the worst storm in six decades has caused at least $1.57 billion in damage.

Hong Kong on the other hand Ming Pao Daily News The newspaper writes that due to its 600-year-old but well-planned drainage system, floodwater did not reach the Circular Garden City, located in the northwestern part of the Forbidden City.

there daily shanghai It has warned that even the drainage system in China’s financial center Shanghai is unable to withstand torrential rains like those in Beijing.

In Beijing, which has been fighting the outbreak of rain since Saturday afternoon, vehicles, etc. They have been blocked on the roads for several hours and hundreds of people are stranded in various traffic centers in the city.

beijing times He writes that the city municipality has undertaken to remove the fine imposed by the traffic police on vehicles stuck on the roads due to flooding. There is a lot of criticism on the Internet for the move of the traffic police to impose taxes.

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