Why is My TV in Spanish? How to Fix It?

Why is My TV in Spanish

I’ve been using my TV almost exclusively for streaming for quite a while, and was watching the most recent episode of Better Call Saul when I had to stop halfway to do some driving.

I came back a few hours later, but everything on the TV was in Spanish with subtitles.

I was watching in English so I had no idea why this happened.

To get my TV back to English, I went online to find the easiest ways to do it

After a few hours of research, I had enough information to know how to change the language in almost any app on any smart TV.

I was finally able to change the language on the TV to English for a few minutes to play with the settings.
After reading this article, you will know how to change your TV language to any other language you want.
Your TV may be in Spanish due to an error in the TV software. You can change it back to English by going to the TV’s system settings.

Read on to learn how you can change your TV’s language and subtitles for some streaming services.

Believe it or not, it’s not uncommon to turn on your TV and find it playing audio in a different language, usually Spanish. Some broadcast content may contain SAP (Secondary Audio Programming) services which usually include French, Spanish or audio descriptions depending on your TV service provider.

If you turn on your TV and it’s playing channels with Spanish audio, you may be wondering why your TV is in Spanish. The most likely reason is that you may have activated it unintentionally or by accident. This can easily happen if you have a high-end TV with lots of features and buttons on the remote. Also, you can read more about the best HDR TVs, as HDR is another great feature to have on your TV. Finally, make sure you know how to set the contrast on your TV to ensure your picture quality is great for your favorite shows and movies.

Why is my TV in Spanish?

So you’ve accidentally pressed the SAP button on your remote and are wondering what SAP is on TV. Your TV is now playing Spanish audio, and it can be very frustrating, especially if you don’t want to turn on the feature. Secondary Audio Programming or SAP is designed for broadcast stations as an alternative way for viewers who are visually impaired, have poor vision and do not understand English to follow their favorite shows.

It is highly recommended that you try to learn all the features and parts of your TV and remote, especially if you have a Smart TV. For example, find out where the microphone and camera are on your smart TV, so you can use and enjoy them.

TV owners are often confused when their TV plays Spanish audio and think that it is a Spanish channel or that their station has switched to Spanish broadcasting. However, you need not panic. There is nothing wrong with the transmission. Sometimes it can happen on a specific channel and it can start during a popular ball game, movie or sports event, although all the ads are still in English. If so, the transmission is fine.

However, it may confirm that the viewer may have intentionally or accidentally changed the audio channel to Spanish. As a result, English audio will be broadcast on Spanish channels when there is no Spanish programming. This will make it difficult to detect that you are on the wrong audio channel Only when an audio description or program is broadcast in Spanish will viewers realize they are on the wrong audio channel.

How to back Spanish to English?

Almost all televisions, cable boxes and other devices allow you to change the language very easily by going to system settings and changing your time zone or language.

I will talk about almost all of them here and what is the easiest way to change the language to English in seconds.

If you don’t know Spanish, use a tool like Google Lens to translate Spanish words while using your camera and follow the steps below.

Most cable boxes
First, you just need to open the settings menu of the box, then follow these steps:

  • Find a language or time zone setting. Sometimes it may be hidden in an advanced section or in the video or audio section.
  • Select Settings. It may also be called OSD language or IMD language.
  • Please set your correct time zone or set English from the language list.

Why is some television in Spanish?

Most cable providers give users the option to choose a language for channel broadcast. Generally, the most prominent broadcast languages come in two languages; Spanish and English.

Some televisions offer multiple language options, including German, Italian, Filipino, Chinese, etc., even though their official broadcast language is English. Users can always change their language preference by adjusting the settings on the TV.

Reasons for changing TV language: TV is foreign language
There are many reasons why your TV may change the language. But the most common cause is accidentally pressing the TV remote and messing with the TV settings. Sometimes pets, children or anyone in the house can accidentally sit on the remote control on the sofa. TV settings can be changed by pressing the remote control. In other cases, it’s just a bug.

If full pressure is not given; This could be a problem with the TV provider or the device. To resolve this, you need to contact your TV provider or customer service

How to change language on different TV devices – Change TV language

If the problem is not the fault of the TV provider, here are ways to change your TV language from Spanish to English using different devices:

1. Set-Top Box
On your cable box, do the following to change your TV language from Spanish to English:
• Click the menu button on the remote control
• Select the Start icon in the Quick Menu option: This option is at the bottom
• In the main menu, go to Settings and click on it
• Click on Audio Settings
• Change default audio track to English
• Press the exit menu on the remote to return to Live TV

2. For Samsung TV
Follow the guide below to change your language from Spanish to English on your Samsung TV:
• Click the Start button on the TV remote control
• Scroll to Settings
• Click General
• Select System Administrator
• Click on Language option
• Select English language
• Then exit the setup menu

3. For digital adapter
Digital adapters come in HD and SD. If you have a digital HD adapter, do the following:
• Click the menu button on the remote control
• Navigate to General Settings – Down Arrow
• Then down to Audio language – right arrow
• Press the right arrow and highlight ENG.
• Click OK on the remote control
• Then press Exit on the remote to return to Live TV
If you have an SD digital adapter, do this:
• Click the Lang button on your remote control
• Then arrow down to Eng and select it.

4. For Armstrong XP
To change your language options in Armstrong XP, do the following:
• Click the TiVo button on your remote
• Select the menu option
• Scroll to Settings option
• Click Audio and Video Settings.
• Change default audio language to English
• Then press the Live TV button on the remote to return to Live TV

5. For HBO NOW
To change your preferred language on HBO NOW, do the following:
• Go to Settings
• Click on the Profile menu
• Then select your preferred language
• Click to save language

In general, the most common method used by most televisions to change language options is as follows:
• Press the menu button on the remote
• Click on Settings
• Select System
• Then click on Language
• Select language
• And choose your preferred language
• Click it to save it

Other fixes to try
1. Go to the audio track on your device. Check if it is changed to “English – Audio Description”. If so, please return to “English – Original”.
2. Your audio can be in English and play the audio description in Spanish. Try changing the audio to Spanish and see if it changes to English. This is usually caused by a bug.
3. In your device’s accessibility settings, find the option to play audio Under this option, there are multiple options for language.
Choose a different language with the second option “English” and you can immediately delete the Spanish description.

Is it possible to change Spanish audio to English?

If your TV has suddenly changed from Spanish, you can fix it from your TV remote with the following steps.
1. First, using your TV remote, open the MENU settings.
2. Use the arrow keys to navigate to the “Channel” option and press the “Enter” or “OK” button on your TV remote.
3. Navigate to “Audio Options” and select “Mono” or “Stereo”.
4. Hover over the options and select the digital language by ensuring that the selected TV channel is set to English.

If you can’t change the audio from Spanish to English on your TV, check to see if the programming is broadcast in English. Sometimes programs are broadcast in a different language with the primary audio format.

If all the above steps fail, contact your streaming provider for technical support. If there is a problem with your TV, make sure you know your TV’s warranty information, so you don’t waste or spend money on repairs.


All of these options will be in Spanish if it’s set language system-wide, but changing the language becomes easier if you get Spanish in an app.

Google Lens is a great tool that lets you translate text in real time, so fire up the app and point it at your TV to navigate through the Spanish menu settings.

System-wide changes usually affect all apps on your TV, so if you change the language to English in the TV settings, all apps may switch back to English.

Errors may occur, but if you follow these steps carefully, you should be able to resolve the issue quickly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why does my TV play audio in Spanish?

If you turn on your TV and it’s playing channels with Spanish audio, you may be wondering why your TV is in Spanish. The most likely reason is that you may have activated it unintentionally or by accident.

What are SAP services?

The SAP service is used as an alternate language audio channel for viewers who do not understand English to follow and enjoy the content they are watching.

What does it mean when a channel starts playing audio in Spanish?

Confirm that the viewer intentionally or accidentally changed the audio channel to Spanish.

How do I change the audio from Spanish to English?

You will need to use your TV remote control to adjust the audio channel settings back to English.

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