Worshipers were not killed during prayers, even in India, Pak minister says after mosque attack

Daily digital news desk: On Monday afternoon, 100 people were killed in an attack on a mosque in Peshawar during prayers. In that incident, this time, the anger of Pak Defense Minister Khwaja Asif in a self-deprecating tone. His explosive confession, no place in the world is attacked during prayers. Not even in India. This is only possible in Pakistan. Shahbaz Sharif’s government is uncomfortable with this comment from Pakistan’s Defense Minister. Countries like India and the United States have long been saying that Pakistan is a hotbed of terrorism. Shahbaz, a senior member of the cabinet, practically agreed to the demand of opposition international diplomacy.

Pakistani outlet “The Dawn” reported that Pakistani Defense Minister Asif made explosive comments about the attack on the mosque in Peshawar. In this context, he said: “Attacks during prayers do not happen in India or Israel. But it happens in Pakistan.” However, he also highlighted the Pakistani government’s fight against terrorism. He said that the fight against terrorism in the Swat valley started during the Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) regime. which ended during the Pakistan Muslim League period.

[আরও পড়ুন: আদানির সঙ্গে ডুবছে ভারতও, বৃহত্তম অর্থনীতির ক্রমতালিকায় পতন দেশের]

Pak’s defense minister claimed that peace was maintained from Swat Valley to Karachi at that time. However, he also said that in the last year and a half to two years ago, we have been asked two or three times to negotiate with the militants. He stated: “They (the militants) can be led to the path of peace.” Minister Pak’s explosive confession, “I want to say briefly, I have sown the seeds of terrorism.”

[আরও পড়ুন: শতবর্ষের স্বপ্নপূরণে হাতিয়ার ‘সপ্তর্ষি’, বাজেটে ৭ পদক্ষেপের ঘোষণা নির্মলার]

It should be noted that 100 people were killed in the attack on the Peshawar mosque on Monday afternoon. According to the local administration, the death toll may increase. Many are dealing with death in the hospital. Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) has already claimed responsibility for the blast. A leader of the Pakistani Taliban militant group said they had been involved in the blast.

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