Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 13 Feb 2023 Muskaan meets Akshara Abhinav family calms down Akshu abhimanyu in trouble

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Feb 13, 2023 - India TV Hindi

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai

The episode starts with Muskan telling the family about Akshu and Abhinav. Muskaan says he keeps track of every penny. Kairav ​​feels bad and leaves. Dadi says that whoever is smart is queen. She drives away the evil eye from Akshu. Muskaan says that Akshu does the same. Dadi says that I want to talk to her and see her, call Akshu immediately. Manish calls Akshu. Dadi asks Akshu to come meet her on her birthday, otherwise she will go to her house. She asks him to come before she dies. she cries. Akshu says Udaipur, how am I going to go there? Abhi takes Aarohi and Ruhi to Goenka’s house. They become happy. Abhi congratulates them. Aarohi hugs him.

Ruhi says that I went to present the school project. Now, check Dadi. Dadi jokes and says that I’m fine. Ruhi says kachori is done, okay. They say yes. Abhi sees the smile. Muskaan remembers Akshu’s words. Manish says that she is Muskaan, she is Abhinav’s sister. Aarohi looks at Abhimanyu tensely. Ruhi and Aarohi meet Muskaan.

Akshu looks at his clothes stored outside the bathroom and says how I forgot it, I hope Abhir and Abhinav don’t come home, I’m going to see. She starts looking for them. Abhinav asks where are you, Akshara ji. He sees her clothes stored there. He gives him her clothes. He walks away from her. She opens the door and leads him away. The towel sticks. She helps. Neela comes home and smiles seeing him. He jokes. She asks him to do something bad. He asks her to see how old she is and talk about her. She says don’t talk bad and don’t spoil the kids. She says I’m leaving wait I made laddoos for Abhir feed him do something.

Akshu is coming. Abhinav looks at her. He says Neela liked my work, sorry. She says sorry I forgot her clothes. He asks how, this never happened before, the four of us stay together, you, Abhir, me and our Seema, how did you forget this today? She says that Dadi called and invited us to Udaipur on his birthday. She says that you are unable to decide if you want to go there or not.

He says that you have to decide if you want to go there or not. Suwarna says that Muskan has a job here. Dadi says that he will stay here. Aarohi says congratulations. Muskaan says thanks, I told him I’m staying in a hostel. Manish says that your house is here. Aarohi says tell us if you need anything, we’ll be around. Abhi says yes. Aarohi sees them.

Abhir asks Abhinav and Akshu if they had a fight. Abhir says I know old people fight too, let them feed each other this chocolate and show that they didn’t fight. She scolds him. She feeds Abhir chocolate and laughs. Abhir goes. Dadi calls Akshu and insists that she come. She says that you have to come when she dies. Akshu cries. Abhi, think why Muskaan didn’t tell me that he met me, that means he knows about me and Akshu’s past. It’s a good thing he didn’t say, Abhinav knows that too, Abhir…he had invited Abhinav for the jam. Akshu cries and talks to Abhinav. Manish comforts Dadi. Aarohi hears that Dadi wants to see Akshu. Aarohi says that government work is weird. Muskaan says it’s worth a lot in small towns, Akshu told me a lot about all of you. Aarohi asks what he said. Muskaan says you’re a smart, excellent, brilliant doctor. Aarohi cries and asks how Akshu is doing, is he happy and calm. Muskaan says yes, she is happy, calm and satisfied. I’m going to call home, you talk to her. Aarohi says no, then I’ll go home. Abhinav asks Akshu to take the burden off his shoulders.

Precap: Ruhi cries and says that the children say that you are not my father. Abhi sees her leaving and searches for her. Akshu gets a call from Abhir’s school and runs out.

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