Your soul will tremble after seeing such a video of the earthquake in Turkey. The soul will tremble after watching such a video of the earthquake, people were walking, and the building began to collapse in front of the eyes.

Terrible image after earthquake in Turkey - India TV Hindi

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Terrible panorama after earthquake in Turkey

New Delhi. The death toll from the massive earthquake in Turkey and Syria has now crossed 1,300. More than 5,000 people are injured. The death toll in the quake is expected to rise further. Here after the earthquake in Turkey and Syria, many such videos are going viral on social media and it will shake your soul. Videos of the earthquakes in Turkey and Syria are becoming more and more viral on many international media and social networks. By looking at this, one can estimate how severe this earthquake must have been.

It is seen in a video that people are walking on the road. There is also movement of cars and other vehicles on the roads that pass by the multi-story buildings built nearby. During this, suddenly the earth begins to shake. As long as people could understand something, the building across the street is collapsing in front of their eyes. All the people who live in this building are buried below. Vehicles passing on the road and many people are also run over. In the video, people far from the building are seen running into the open sky. Within seconds, the building collapses and a huge cloud of dust begins to rise into the sky. Then there is screaming and chaos everywhere.

The skyscraper collapsed in two seconds.
Similarly, video of another building in Turkey is also going viral on social media. This is a tall building. Looking at the building, it seems that more than a thousand people would be living in it. Suddenly, the earth begins to shake terribly, and the entire building collapses in just two seconds. The people around him try to run for their lives. But most of them get sucked into death’s cheek.

After being buried in the building, the survivors ask for help by making their video go viral
Many of these videos are also going viral on social media, in which some people are trapped in the building after it collapsed and have survived. In an injured state, he is recording a video of himself screaming and yelling and asking people for help. Hoping to get help right away, these people have made the video of him go viral.

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